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2020: A Springboard Year

5 years after a very successful Kickstarter campaign that allowed us to release the very first version of HeavyM, we are now launching a new funding campaign to improve our products and increase the company’s significance.

Since 2015, our software has been updated frequently thanks to your feedback and ideas. We are very proud to be able to rely on such a great user community. And we are thankful for your help. Our mission is to make video-mapping easier and more accessible, while our priority is to keep our users satisfied and to adopt a transparent stance.

Today, video-mapping is used in a wide range of sectors and has become a shooting star in the multimedia industry. More and more of you are using HeavyM, which means that your needs as users are increasing and diversifying. To make sure our software is able to meet your expectations, we decided to open the company to private investment.



Digital Essence and its Wiseed Campaign—A Collective Project


English subtitles available!


We chose a funding method that allows our users to hold capital in the company. By joining the Wiseed campaign, you will acquire shares of Digital Essence, the company that created and is developing HeavyM.

By investing, you will be able to:


  • Increase your involvement towards HeavyM. You’ve already been able to create beautiful experiences thanks to HeavyM, and an improved version of HeavyM will allow for even more striking results. Therefore, investing will allow you to launch even bolder projects.
  • Invest in a meaningful day. You will help a French company develop internationally, and that in a field you care about and that is sure to develop further.
  • Get closer to our founders. You will get to be involved in the development of the company. Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy task. Think long work weeks, very infrequent days off… However, our passion for our product and our desire to make our customers happy makes it all worth its while.
  • Invest money in a way that offers a strong potential for profitability. After a few years (usually 5 to 7), you should be getting a return on your investment as the value of the shares you buy today will have increased. They can then be sold to other investors, to a company or to our founders themselves for a higher amount.
  • Receive tax benefits on part of your investment. If you keep your shares for at least 5 years, you can reduce your income tax by 18% of the total amount invested in Digital Essence.




Funding Purpose—Growth and Development

1. Creating new products and content

This is our main objective. It covers several levels:

  • We will finalize the second version of our HeavyM software, which includes the most-requested improvements, such as performance, ease-of-use and graphics capabilities.
  • We will create another kit inspired by our Olga kit, which will allow for new stage design opportunities.
  • We will develop tutorials and videos to teach our users how to use our software and will also release video portraits of our power users, which will allow you to better understand our technology.
  • We will translate our user guides and content so that all international users will be able to enjoy our content and resources.



2. Strengthen the Company

  • Video-mapping and, generally speaking, visual communication is becoming more and more important. More and more events and live performances are also happening on a global scale. We’ve been entering a “phygital” era where digital technologies are required to be present in the real world to stay relevant. Because the number of potential clients and opportunities is increasing, Digital Essence needs to create high-quality products and content, to offer the best level of service and to provide its services in a transparent way. Being average does not cut it anymore, and we are striving for excellence.
  • We are aiming to add new talents to our amazing current team to make sure we can offer you nothing but the best.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, we would like to keep the level of proximity we’ve been having with our community. That means being able to answer your messages quickly and precisely. We are striving for excellence and wish to keep building our relationship with our users to make sure they always feel satisfied.

By participating in this funding campaign, our adventure will also become yours. Our entrepreneurial dream was never meant to be “just for fun”. But, we also do not want our company to go public. Our entrepreneurial dream is about being adventurous and building a company that is big and powerful enough to keep innovating, hiring and contributing to society in a positive way.

You now know everything about this new funding campaign and what it means for our company. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about it and comment on the Wiseed website as well. As always, we are looking forward to interacting with the members of our community, so feel free!


To best answer your questions, we have set up a phone discussion schedule. Simply book a day and time and we will call you to discuss it



To see all the details of the operation and join the adventure by investing, it’s here: