2018 has been a very successful year for HeavyM, and that on many levels! We managed to achieve technical feats with our software, the team produced successful projections during various events, we made video mapping accessible to new fields, and our community has been more active and creative than ever before. We’ve been so impressed by your projects! Without further ado, here are some of our highlights of the year :


Our software: still easy-to-use, but with new features!

In 2018, we released no less than 4 major updates, all allowing to optimize our software and to make more advanced projects possible.

Our mission has always been to make video mapping more accessible. HeavyM always focuses on bringing features that meet the needs of our community, and we also pay a lot of attention to user feedback.

In 2018, over 15,000 new users got excited about the amazing features of our software and the fact that it is a great blend of performance and ease of use.

Our 1.7 version added more personalization potential thanks to new effect parameters. With 1.8, we made the free version even richer and, with HeavyM 1.9, we introduced a highly-anticipated warping effect that makes it possible to alter texture, change its form and make it perfectly fit any complex shape.

The 1.10 version of the software was released at the end of the year and is 100% dedicated to our community! It comes with 100 new shaders, an Ableton Link integration and the launch of HeavyM Start with two stations per license (just like HeavyM Live). The “Switch To Trial” features make it possible to try out the Live version. Our new license system aims to be more reliable and convenient. If you are a HeavyM customer, you can get your license key by clicking here.



Alongside these evolutions, we’ve been working on new tutorials to make it easier for both beginners and more advanced users to learn about our new features in a quick and easy way.



The rise of professional services

The HeavyM team has been using its expertise to help turn innovating projects into reality, and several successful collaborations became major highlights of the year. These include the fields of art installations, stage design, and product launches.

In February, the LAB, the London-based stage created by Mixmag magazine that showcases the work of major DJs, has collaborated with HeavyM to design a permanent installation that is both interactive and high-tech. The team provided bespoke services using our Olga kits and integrating the client’s visual identity. We also trained their staff to give them the opportunity to manage the installation themselves and to let their creativity flow. This stage design has been showcased every Friday night and has been admired by thousands of guests!

Discover the Mixmag installation



In March, RStyle commissioned an iconic artwork for its MEMO exhibition, which was dedicated to the role that hip-hop music has been playing in society. We created a large-scale sculpture in the shape of an interrogation mark. The sculpture is made of 4 Olga kits (that means 120 equilateral triangles!) that were also used as projection surfaces for bespoke videos. This installation was autonomous and was displayed for 2 months straight. It aimed to catch the attention of the visitors and to give them food for thought. 

Get inspired by the MEMO




In May, Mercedes commissioned HeavyM for the launch of their new A-Class model. Our team designed an interactive experience using 3 projectors and collaborated with Mythologies agency. Before entering our video mapping-themed box, guests had to provide their first name and favorite song and to pick a destination among 5 possibilities. Once inside, their personalized experience could start. For 2 minutes, they were taken somewhere else thanks to an immersive and multi-sensorial experience.



Developing HeavyM-based educational programmes

Nowadays, digital-based learning is more than a trend. It fosters exploration, collaboration and the direct involvement of students in their learning process. Video mapping is a creative and fun learning tool that perfectly fits today’s needs and requirements in the field of education. Therefore, more and more schools, colleges and universities have been using HeavyM!

In 2018, several schools have been purchasing HeavyM license to successfully develop unique classes focusing on HeavyM in France (Ecole Bleue Paris, Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, Sophia Digital Art in Nice) and abroad, such as the Instituto das Artes and Imagen in Porto, Ecole des Beaux art in Liège, Belgium, Calgary Art Academy in Canada; the Live 4 School academy in Tokyo as well as several US-based universities in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or Louisville…

In France, the HeavyM team has been providing numerous trainings to various schools and cultural centers, such as the multimedia library of Vincennes, the Gobelins school in Paris, the library of Nimes, graphic art school EPSAA in Paris and during the Summer School of engineer school Esme Sudria.


Some professors have also independently decided to create a bespoke training programme for their students:

Left: Romain Astouric, for the “creative programming and digital art” programme of engineering school ESME SUDRIA, details here.

Right: Fabrice Giraud, for students of his vocational and tech-oriented training programme at the Edouard Branly high-school in Châtellerault, details here.



The HeavyM community: larger and always more diverse

All around the world, the background of our HeavyM users are a perfect example of the many ways the software can be used!


  • Striking stage design


Left: VJ Panick (Brasil) uses the software to generate content for high-level VJing and gets the best out of HeavyM Live by pairing Syphon and Resolume.

Right: Rabbit Revolution (USA)  created an art project using HeavyM. It was so successful that it was turned into a permanent installation.



LeftComme à la Maison (France) offers live DJing and VJing services from home and provides its audience with a visual experience designed using HeavyM

RightPétronille Leroux (France) used several Olga kits for the stage design of the Lazarus live show.



  • Innovative art installations


Jesse James Allen (UK) a very creative multimedia artist, combines HeavyM with other software to create extraordinary interactive projects.


PixelBitch VJ (Portugal) has made an impact thanks to a monumental installation and a strong grasp of HeavyM during the Live Performers Meeting in Rome


Pierre Parrotin (France) pays homage to constructivism with HeavyM and a host of striking geometrical variations! 


  • The Olga kit has been making waves too!


Aelion Project (Italie) designed a permanent stage design for Factory Music Club using 2 Olga kits. 2 more kits will be added this year!



Mike Martin (France), who created the kit and founded his studio Burö23, used 8 Olga kits to create a giant ring for the “En attendant Nördik Impakt” party hosted by Skryptöm Collective. A truly impressive and unique project!


To create your own Olga kit-based structure, here are our tips and assembling ideas:  Olga tutorials.



Ready for 2019 to bring exciting projects!


  • A new partnership with Optoma, number 1 DLP® projector brand in EMEA
  • February 5-8: HeavyM will be at the ISE trade show in Amsterdam. It is Europe’s largest show to focus on audiovisual systems. Come meet us at the Optoma booth (Hall 1 F90), we’ll be happy to show you our exclusive video mapping installation!
  • Mid-February: Be ready for a new update! We’ll be releasing HeavyM 1.11!
  • A message to our community: If you wish to increase the reach of your projects, please do feel free to email us some pictures and a short description. We’ll be happy to share it on our social media pages!