The Festival of Lights, Lyon


We are invited by ECE Paris to present our entrepreneurial activity on the new Lyon campus, planned to open in September 2018. These open days are organised during the Festival of Lights in Lyon. A great occasion to know more about this key event for lighting design, which will occur from Thursday, 7 to Sunday, 10 December 2017.


A unique popular festival: from the neighborhood … to the whole world!

December 8, 1852: The Church intends to inaugurate the new statue of the Virgin raised on Fourvière Cathedral, with Bengal fires (rockets filled with a colorful pyrotechnic composition). Even if bad weather threatens the party, everybody put candles on their windows, come out in the streets, spontaneously. The Church then triggers the festivities: the Festival of Lights is born!

1989: The Lighting Plan is adopted and the monuments begin to light up. An “urban night landscape” appears, where nature and culture are brought to light.

1999: the festival is extended to 4 days and large-scale events signed by professionals are increasing. The religious festival gradually turns into a political event, showing technical and technological progress in a great artistic dynamic.

2002: the LUCI Association is created. Today, 70 countries are members and mobilised for the challenges of new lifestyles, new urban forms and the energy crisis.

2005: Lyon adopts a second Lighting Plan, dedicated to human activities, where lighting design is developed in the streets to support everyday events.

2012: 4 millions of visitors are here to contemplate the illuminated city, it’s a record!

2015: For the first time, the Festival of Lights of Lyon is cancelled, following the November 13 parisian attacks. Lyon establishes a partnership with the Lantern Festival of Zigong and 3 artists from the city present their creations in China.

2017 promises an amazing program around 6 worlds: The great epics / The architectural stories / The natural atmosphere / Contemporary printing / Curiosities / The art of diversion. Rather inspiring..! If you look at this teaser, you will want to go!

A special event for video mapping

The Festival of Lights of Lyon quickly integrated the architectural video mapping in the program. Indeed, video mapping is the ideal technology for light and video projection, to set monuments in motion and sublimate the cultural heritage.


HeavyM selected for you several examples, which reveal the city from all angles!


Most interactive and conversational > Perspective Lyrique, 1024 Architecture, 2010


When the Celestins Theater directly echoes its audience


 The most exalted > Nocturnal trance, Marie-Jeanne Gauthé, 2011


 Galloping horses of Place des Terreaux


 The most entertaining > Urban Flipper, Carol Martin and Thibaut Berbezier, 2011


 The Celestins Theater transformed into a giant pinball!


The most interactive and corporal > Hypermetrop, Beam’Art, 2012


 A rhythmic and augmented live dance with Marc Rozier building


 The cutest > The Anooki agitate Gare Saint-Paul, Inook, 2012


 The world’s smallest Eskimos’ playground


 The most arty > Earth in the Lights, BK Digital Art Company, 2014


 When modern art exhibited in Lyon Museum of Fine Arts comes to life


 The most breathtaking / the most recent > Evolutions, Yann Nguema / EZ3kiel, 2016


 The virtuoso metamorphosis of Saint Jean Cathedral


Lyon: a fertile land for digital innovation


Beyond the Festival of Light, the creative effervescence strongly and durably invested the city for several years. Lyon gets into an active, lively and attractive position, very suitable to digital innovation!

For example, Mirage Festival, since 2013, offers a multidisciplinary program with performances, installations, screenings, evenings in Lyon Metropolis. HeavyM organized the “Digital Explorations” workshop at Lavoir Public in 2016, a success thanks to the energy and creativity of the public!

Since 2001, Village des Créateurs detects, supports and drives fashion, decoration and design creators of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes district. The agency WECOMEINPEACE, specialist in interactive multimedia creations and Fête des Lumières of Lyon label, is incubated.

To end on a musical note, Nuits Sonores, the annual festival of electronic music and independent music since 2003, invests for 5 days emblematic places of the city of Lyon, including streets, museums, industrial wastelands …

If you too, you have a bright idea, try HeavyM for free and start creating a project with ease, with ready to map effects!


– Séverine for HeavyM Team