Music, as you know, is one of HeavyM’s main focuses. Lately, the team has been closely following several events in London, enthralled by the eclectic dynamism of the scene. Last November, whether by chance or coincidence, Mixmag, THE famous British monthly magazine, electronic music leader, got in touch with HeavyM, interested by the singularity of this video mapping concept.



Mixmag, a step ahead for new experiences

Mixmag wanted to give a high-tech and up-to-date impulse to The LAB LDN. The LAB is a weekly live stream, showcasing the best electronic music artists from Mixmag’s headquarters in London. Every Friday evening, the LAB invites a DJ to mix for one hour, and everybody can watch the exclusive live DJ sets on Facebook.

Last year alone, Lab LDN hosted 40 artists and you can listen to their exclusive DJ sets here.

For the stage design, Mixmag started with a traditional wall light projection. The team wanted to go further in the stage lighting, to make the space more lively, and awe-inspiring. Asserting it as the place to be, where the best of electro, house and techno music is played.

To accompany the musical gold playing, Mixmag wanted to play with lights too! To offer the public, here and abroad, a more interactive and immersive experience


HeavyM, always here to answer to innovative projects

Vassilis Skandalis, Senior Designer at Mixmag, shared his idea with Etienne Mathé, HeavyM executive director and Mike Martin, Büro23 founder and the Olga kit designer. He wanted to create an exclusive permanent stage design for The LAB LDN, thanks to the Olga kit and video mapping with HeavyM. Etienne and Mike made several inspired proposals and their 3D modeling plans were quickly validated.



3D models experimentations for the structure part


At the end of November, Etienne and Mike were on the spot to conceive the stage design in 2 days. It’s kind of a performance too! The two video mapping experts are well organized, let’s see their method:

  • Olga set kit installation = modules assembly and wall sculpture composition. Olga is placed on each side of the mixing table, like visual notes coming out of the sound.



Mike is installing the Olga kits


  • Video mapping configuration = video projector positioning, projection area marking-out, HeavyM visual effects programming.



Etienne is setting up the mapping and the visuals effects with HeavyM


  • Checks = A time for testing and experimentation, the key to ensure a perfect working and to anticipate any bugs.


  • Training = Etienne and Mike review every useful piece of information with the managers of The LAB, in so far as they will be in charge of the video mapping projection. As it is a long-lasting stage design, they must master the visual effects programming, to be able to offer a new atmosphere for each DJ set. The Mixmag team was pleasantly surprised by the software’s ease of use and the straightforward programming of visual effects.Seduced by HeavyM ergonomics, they quickly got along with this turnkey tool, ready to use.It’s no problem for them to be autonomous, creative and effective!



2 days later, all these steps are done brilliantly. On December 1, 2017, the first filmed live takes place. Several comments highlight the originality of the visual animation: it is a REAL success!




This brand new collaboration once again marks HeavyM providing a unique visual experience for musical events. Thanks to the Olga set kit modularity, the software’s ease of use, and the variety of the effects, HeavyM offers a visual show where light is linked to music and emotions. Video mapping with HeavyM is THE solution for all music spaces wishing to gather their network and community in an unparalleled atmosphere offering a dazzling reflection of their identity and their dynamism.

Interesting in immersing your event in a visual atmosphere? TRY HeavyM! Or, if you want to highlight your brand DNA with this type of installation, do not hesitate to contact us. We take care of everything for you!




Séverine for the HeavyM team

They put the LAB upside down:

. 12/08/2017 : PACO OSUNA

. 12/08/2017 : AUNTIE FLO

. 12/15/2017 : ARTWORK

. 01/19/2018 : ALEXANDER NUT

. 01/26/2018 : D Double E & Sir Spyro

. 02/02/2018 : SAOIRSE

. 02/09/2018 : LOUIE VEGA

. 02/13/2018 : ECLAIR FIFI

. 02/16/2018: DANA RUH

. 02/19/2018: HUNNA

. 02/23/2018: HOT SINCE 82 b2b LA FLEUR

. 02/27/2018: TAILOR JAE

. 03/02/2018: DJRUM


. 03/16/2018: DUSKY