Aelion Project enlightens the night with Olga and HeavyM


You’ve certainly already heard about the visual design studio Aelion Project, one of the greatest HeavyM Ambassador in Italy (cf MEET Aelion Project). Jacopo di Crescenzo, the Artistic Director, recently told us about a wonderful project he realized near Bologna. Last June, the Factory Music Club of San Giovanni in Persiceto asked him to work on a brand new solution for the 2017/2018 season.

Video mapping : the Wahoo effect for a club

One year after its opening in November 2016, the Factory Music Club wanted to surprise everybody with an unseen stage design in his venue. Aelion Project team, who have been working with the club from the beginning for many VJ sets, suggested to create an installation which could be both long-lasting and modular. They had already something in mind : to combine several Olga kits animated with HeavyM effects. This idea to place a powerful decoration behind the console caught the club’s attention.

Aelion Project is ready to work!


Aelion Project has imagined a structure according to the spaces to be covered (the modularity of Olga allowed to deal easily with the electrical system to hide it). Two Olga kits have made the setting and the structure will be magnified  in the future : the shape will change thanks to two more Olga kits, to create an impressive wall sculpture.

Made to measure conception with Olga kits


Aelion Project realized the video mapping too : after the conception and installation of the stage design, the team managed the projection system facility, the programming of the hardware system with mini pc, the setup of the video mapping and the video contents, with HeavyM software.

Aelion Project and HeavyM software


HeavyM solution : the easiest process for a wild ride!

HeavyM software is the easiest way to immerse a music event in a unique visual atmosphere. With the drawing tools, the projection of the visuals can be quickly adapted to any volume and connected to any type of video projectors. Thanks to the integrated sound analysis, the combination of music with animations is very intuitive and frees up a lot of mental use! The real plus : 50 ready-to-use effects to add animations full of emotions, created on the fly.

Aelion Project team enjoy working with HeavyM for these reasons and find it even more convenient that they control the video mapping from their studio : all the contents and animations are updated at distance and broadcasted directly in the club, in real time!

Aelion Project team has created a new video mapping system : they use TeamViewer and Resolume Arena to control all the clips created in HeavyM and other graphic elements (logos, DJs names…) and set it up in the central part of the installation. Then, a random player mixes clips in real time. The club also has the possibility to control the video mapping with a midi controller provided by Aelion Project (control colors, speed and other parameters).

Designers and DJs


In 2019, when two Olga kits will be added, this system will be improved to map all the parameters in real time with a controller that can be used directly by the club from the console. Here is the result for 2018 :


The Factory Music Club is delighted by the outcome and proud to offer his audience a high-tech entertainment tool. The device is used for every event! The DJs feel spotlighted by the mind-blowing visual animations because it’s synchronizing with their musical performance. The public just love this immersive atmosphere and live it every time as a new experience.

This second collaboration carried out by Aelion Project with the Olga kit and HeavyM is quite a success and the studio can endlessly create universes customized with the style and the codes of their clients. They are gaining some momentum in this area and have been contacted by other clubs and disco to create similar projects… To be continued!

Aelion Project gives a special thanks to Gennaro Siciliano and Giacomo Gardini (Factory Music Club) for this project and Zaccaria Malak (Dj producer) for the music track used for video reportage.


Aelion Project uses Olga kits and HeavyM Live to transform night clubs


If you want to imagine your video mapping areas and create amazing animations:

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