Experience the new warping feature!!


The team is happy to introduce you to a much-awaited feature that widens the boundaries of your creativity. Please welcome the exciting new feature, Warping!

HeavyM evolves into a more complete video mapping software even for most complex projects. The simplest video mapping software in the world is now the ideal companion for all your mappings.

Warping is a powerful technique used to manipulate a texture in order to correct its distortion. You will be able to completely match your video contents to a complex shape (Visually wrap around a content on a 3-D object).


We have created a detailed tutorial for you to master this interesting feature. The whole process is explained step by step with a concrete example.


See the full tutorial




The last stable version of the software is downloadable from your online account

Download HeavyM 1.9



Warning: Our Start customers have to download the Trial version of HeavyM 1.9 to test warping. Indeed, this feature is only available in the Live version of the software.

What to do: After downloading, launch HeavyM. Then, click on “Help” -> “Unlink my license”. Restart the software, and choose “HeavyM Trial” (image below). To get back to your Start license, unlink (“Help” -> “Unlink my license”) and choose “HeavyM Start” when you restart.





Improvements and fixed bugs

  • Old save/load project improved
  • Midi control effect activation
  • Keyboard control effect activation
  • OSC control effect activation
  • Draw mode bugs fixed
  • Output as background bugs fixed


Download HeavyM 1.9