To make your workflow smoother and reduce the number of clicks you have to perform to access some features, we have implemented some keyboard shortcuts in the software. Remember that you can also set up your own custom shortcuts in Controls > Keyboard Interface.

The following paragraphs list the default software shortcuts in HeavyM. Keys that vary between Mac and Windows keyboards are indicated as follows: Windows key/Mac keyFor example: CTRL/Cmd + R + Drag means “hold CTRL (Windows) or Cmd (Mac), press the R key and Drag your mouse pointer.”


Basic commands

CTRL/Cmd + N Create new project
CTRL/Cmd + O Open existing project
CTRL/Cmd + S Save project
CTRL/Cmd + Shift + S Save project as…
CTRL/Cmd + Z Undo
CTRL + Y or Cmd + Shift + Z Redo
CTRL/Cmd + C Copy
CTRL/Cmd + V Paste
CTRL/Cmd + X Cut
CTRL/Cmd + D Duplicate
Delete/Backspace Delete


Selection commands

0…7 Select group 0…7 (editable in keyboard interface)
Tab Select next sequence
CTRL + Tab (Windows only) or Shift + Tab  Select previous sequence


Drawing shapes

Shift + A or Shift + Q Create triangle
Shift + W or Shift + Z Create square
Shift + E Create curve
Shift + R Create ellipse
Shift + T Create player


Creative tools

CTRL/Cmd + B Turn on/off center mode
CTRL/Cmd + F Turn on/off draw mode
CTRL/Cmd + G Turn on/off grid tool
CTRL/Cmd + M Turn on/off magnet mode
CTRL/Cmd + Alt + R Turn on/off rotation mode
CTRL/Cmd + R + Drag Rotation of selected shapes
CTRL/Cmd + Shift + ← Symmetry of selected shapes (vertical left)
CTRL/Cmd + Shift + → Symmetry of selected shapes (vertical right)
CTRL/Cmd + Shift + ↑ Symmetry of selected shapes (horizontal up)
CTRL/Cmd + Shift + ↓ Symmetry of selected shapes (horizontal down)
CTRL/Cmd + L Lock selected shapes
CTRL/Cmd + Shift + L Lock all shapes in active sequence
CTRL/Cmd + U Unlock selected shapes
CTRL/Cmd + Shift + U Unlock all shapes in active sequence


Moving and resizing shapes

Alt + Drag Resize selection
Alt + ↑ or Alt + ↓ Enlarge or shrink selection precisely
or ↑ or → or ↓  Move selection precisely

Note: hold the Shift key to constrain the movement to a horizontal or vertical translation.


Work area view

CTRL/Cmd + (+) Zoom in on the work area
CTRL/Cmd + (-) Zoom out on the work area
Space + Drag  Move the work area



CTRL/Cmd + Shift + B Black output