HeavyM at ISE exhibition 2019

Invited to the booth of the projector manufacturer Optoma, we showcased our HeavyM software at the ISE 2019 exhibition. In collaboration with Büro23, we created an original projection mapping installation to highlight the product’s features: easy-to-use interface, integrated visual effects, sound analysis, and MIDI/OSC control.

Moreover, the ISE is a huge 3-day trade fair for European audiovisual professionals. They were particularly impressed by HeavyM. The ease of use of the software was impressive. The speed to deploy a projection mapping with a professional rendering is a real asset.




More details about the ISE booth

First of all, we collaborated with Mike de Büro23 to create the projection decor. He designed an organic shape with 3 Olga kits. The structure is hung like a painting on the wall. The assembly and hanging of the structure were done in 3 hours.

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Then, the video projector used is an Optoma ZU1050. This is a Full HD laser model with 10,000 lumens. It is a top-of-the-range projector that offers exceptional image quality. It was placed on the side to cover the entire structure from top to bottom. 

Finally, for the projected visuals, we almost exclusively used integrated HeavyM effects. The large choice offered by the effects library allowed us to offer visitors to the ISE several different atmospheres. In order to show that HeavyM can also project external content, we asked Eka Studio to create a custom video loop to create a wahoo effect. We perfectly mapped this loop with the advanced warping tool of HeavyM. 



Our installation at the ISE 2019 was a real success and the feedback was super positive. We even meet HeavyM customers, it was a pleasure to see you there and have great feedback! 



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