Projection mapping for wedding

Wedding design students from Jaelys school explored video mapping during a session entitled “Jaelys wedding innovation labs”.

Thinking about its use in a wedding and trying to answer the question: How to democratize the use of video mapping in a secular ceremony? How to create a great wedding mapping?

After the conception of the preparatory drawings, and then, the realization of the 1/10 scale model of an arch, the wedding designers, realized a post-modern inspiration of a contemporary wedding ceremony.

Actually, Jaelys School chose HeavyM software for its students because of its high simplicity of use. They were able to test their idea very quickly and without difficulty. The visual effects library integrated into the software is a huge time-saving in the realization of a project. As a result, a large majority of the visuals projected on the arch come from the HeavyM visual banks. 




Olga kits for the wedding decorations

The life-size construction of the arch was entrusted to Mike de Büro23. He used 8 Olga kits. The use of the kits allows a simple and fast assembly. The structure is placed on the ground.



Finally, another mapping was done on a faceted dog purchased on the Papertrophy website. Multiple animals are available! 


Want to try HeavyM software now?


Download HeavyM




  • Concept: Ecole Jaelys
  • Artistic: Jaël, CEO Jaelys
  • Wedding designer: Cécile Viollet – Bosson
  • Wedding planner: Laurène, Aurélie and Éva
  • Video records: Wang BO
  • Projection mapping software: HeavyM
  • Creation of the arch: Buro23
  • Origami dog: Papertrophy
  • Photos : Lucrèce Hamon and Lisa Migliore