Stage design with projection mapping by Lumalama for Kurpfuscher Club Festival on Olga kits.

3 Floors | Live Visuals | Void sound system



  • Typok (Nep:tune)
  • Facito (Vogel & Frei / YYARD / MAUKE)
  • Stussy (HeadsConnected Wuppertal)
  • STR (HeadsConnected Wuppertal)


  • Ümüt Yildiz (by)
  • Lara Cécile (LCK)
  • Johannes Farrenkopf (Lumalama)
  • Christoph Farrenkopf (Lumalama)



Lumalama used 3 Olga kits to create this wonderful stage design. It’s now your turn to try them and visually transform your events.

Discover the Olga kit