In occasion of session Uncode 2016-2017 at “Cassero Lgbt”, historic space in the city of Bologna, in Italy, Aelion Project, has designed and build a video mapping installation with led mapping and a big geometrical abstract face to brighten up the Cassero’s stage with the aim of highlighting the performance of guest DJs.

All the Uncode’s events have been animated with a modular structure made with wood and tissue (face) and four LED stripes on the in the side. Then, these have been combined with the sound through the use of special software like Modul8 with MadMapper for the LED stripes.  To project on the big abstract face, they used Resolume Arena with Cinema4D, After Effects and HeavyM for the video contents.


Learn more about how to combine HeavyM with other softwares like Resolume or Modul8.

Link HeavyM with other softwares