The easiest way to immerse your music event in an impressive visual atmosphere.

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Quickly adapt the visual projection to the space in which you perform

The drawing tools of HeavyM allows you to set up the projection of your animations to the chosen volume in just a few minutes. Simple and fast!
The software is compatible with all video projectors.

Intuitively combine animations with your music

The integrated sound analysis allows you to enhance your show with the perfect coherence of sound and visuals.

Create on the fly animations that match the emotions of your event

More than 50 included effects to impress your audience with a unique and total immersion.

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Beginner? Expert? HeavyM offers an
option to everyone.

start $119

1 computer and updates for 1 year are included.

live $359

2 computers, and many additional features.


They use HeavyM


P4nick | Vj

The Brazilian talent of stage design mapping.

See his interview
P4nick is using : HeavyM Live

35k artists use HeavyM, and you?

Parties, concerts, shows, installations, performances... HeavyM is used in many different scenarios.

Stage design Deep ... 12-01-16
Winner project - H... 05-11-17

In the spotlight

New version 1.8

Try out the latest version of HeavyM now with amazing new features:

  • HeavyM Trial
  • Templates for projects
  • More pre-designed shapes
  • Improvements for Audio analysis