The easiest way to immerse your event in an impressive visual atmosphere.

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Quickly adapt the mapping to the space in which you perform

HeavyM creative tools offer everything you need to make your dreams a reality. Transform any space according to your imagination. Simple and fast! HeavyM is compatible with all video projectors.

Create mind-blowing animations in seconds

Create incredible animations with the best effects library in the world. Easily add color and effects to enliven your stage. More than 1000 combinations of effects at your fingertips.

Automatically combine animations with your music

The integrated sound analysis allows you to enhance your sessions with a perfect coherence of visuals and sound. Automate sound synchronization to focus on your musical performance or your friends at a party.

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P4nick | Vj

The Brazilian talent of stage design mapping.

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P4nick is using : HeavyM Live

40k artists use HeavyM, and you?

Parties, concerts, shows, installations, performances... HeavyM is used in many different scenarios.

In the spotlight

New version 1.10

Try out the latest version of HeavyM now with amazing new features:

  • Warping texture module
  • Shaders library integrated
  • Ableton Link
  • New effects: Round Trip & Double Stripes