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    A set of 30 equilateral triangles to connect together in order to create suitable volumes for video mapping.

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    The olga kit
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What is video mapping?

It goes by many different names : projection mapping, 3D projection mapping, 3D video mapping... but they all designate the same technique, which is the video projection of visual animations on objects, decors, or elements of architecture. Often seen on buildings during outdoor events, video mapping is also used in concerts, parties and shows.

Best projects created by the community!

Parties, concerts, shows, installations, performances… HeavyM is used in many different places and environments.

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Lion mapping 11-30-16
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Olga formes

Discover Olga

30 equilateral triangles made of white material
specially designed to dress your events

Discover Olga
olga kit olga kit mounting olga kit shape video projection

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