Excel in VJing with Kayzo 01

Excel in VJing with Kayzo 01

Congratulations! You just won the very first HeavyM Mapping Challenge.

Can you go back over the steps to create this incredible project? What did you want to express?

In the Zero Project, I set as my goal the creation and construction of video sculpture, an isometric cube that represents the three dimensions, in order to visually work time and space. And as a contrasting background, a semi-transparent acrylic canvas with six divisions to materialize the behavior of light (absorption and blur) on the different 2D surfaces.

As the sequences followed one another, I was adding groups and working on the color scheme, video animations, effects, shaders in the cube to accentuate the three-dimensionality and dynamism with the video sequencer. In the end, I added a selection of my video loop packs Stone Soul & Green World as background images.

I have always adopted the image and music as part of my language to create unique moments. What I wanted to express are memories and influences from my past travels, the search for beauty in the art that I could see, the behavior, and the transformation of the light.

If you, too want to create projects as inspiring as the ones of Kayzo 01:

Do you already have ideas for projects with your prizes, STAK kit, and HeavyM 2 license?

I have several ideas in mind :

  • An event with VJs and guests in Buenos Aires to experiment HeavyM 2 and the STAK kit,
  • The creation of exclusive visual content for STAK!

Can you tell us more about yourself and your work?

My name is Adrian Carrizo but everyone calls me Kayzo 01. I am an audiovisual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Adrian Kayzo

I started as a DJ in 2003 and shortly after, I began to play music with video clips: it was my debut in the world of video and visual experimentation. I learned on my own live video manipulation software, adding to the sessions the video mashup, video scratch, and Vj Footage.

In 2007, I created Visual Dealer, an experimental visual laboratory, and a collaborative platform dedicated to the learning of new tools in the field of visual production. The Lab started as a project to promote, practice, and teach the art of VJing and live video.

Hotel Enjoy, Visual Dealer, Adrian Kayzo

Hotel Enjoy, Visual Dealer, Kayzo 01

I also develop as a Professor for the Argentine Center of Light / Institute FOE; for the Belgrano Studio; for several cultural centers such as Rojas / UBA, San Martín, Borges, and this year at CCK, one of the largest cultural centers in Latin America!

I currently give an online course to teach VJing from scratch, which focuses on the  preparation, production, and live. It offers the students the tools to create a session at the highest level, with all the techniques and references of the world of VJing.

Green World, Visual Dealer Studio

I am a visual artist for lumina.space, an online store for visual artists, visual programmers, and VJs. I also advise Advertising and Brand Agencies in the area of Culture and Entertainment as well as special events in the educational, artistic, and audiovisual fields.

How did you integrate projection mapping into your skills?

I will always remember how impressed I was when I saw for the first time Welcome, Etienne de Crecy’ track: the stage design was incredible with the projection of video to the rhythm of electronic music. 

I started to experiment with creating projection mapping designs at underground parties, clubs and labs with my students.

Antel Arena, Uruguay by Kayzo 01

When did you discover HeavyM and what are the main advantages of this software in your activity?

I discovered it from its beginnings in the Kickstarter campaign. What caught my attention was the argument « Map your house in 5 minutes! » 

The good thing is that it allows you to draw the shapes of the objects where you project live and assign animations, video effects, video loops, and shaders all that in interacting with the live projection mapping. Something that until then was not so simple and practical! Just to animate a few lines, you had to know the use of various programs such as after effects or cinema4D and have the appropriate knowledge to be able to accommodate content with VJ software.

To know more about HeavyM:

HeavyM is always present in many of my creations for brands, shows, stagings, clubs, cultural centers, and museums…

Las 4 Estaciones Porteñas by Kayzo 01

Can you tell us more about the training and workshops you’ve done with HeavyM? 

I have done a lot of workshops, training and lately, I have provided a HeavyM webinar. HeavyM is the ideal software to teach projection mapping to those who start from scratch in VJing and also for the most advanced to create great visual compositions quickly and easily.

HeavyM Webinar with Kayzo 01

Projection mapping seems very dynamic in South America. According to you, is Argentina a favorable ground for the development of the projection mapping?

I believe that the terrain is very favorable for this artistic language due to the diversity, creativity, and level of many VJs and visual artists in the country. The constant expansion of this discipline will always continue in performances, stage designs, architectural projections, but I also see it developing in other forms of expression such as video installations, video sculptures, ambient video, and many other ways of projecting images onto objects.

Camel, Buenos Aires, by Kayzo 01

What are your next projects?

I have many projects coming up! 

  • Architectural Video Mapping Series in Buenos Aires with HeavyM 2
  • The launch of my new website: www.visualdealerstudio.com 
  • New Video Loop pack & free Video Loop Pack available at luminaspace
  • A virtual exhibition of the Zero Project 

If you, too, you want to create impressive installations and stage designs: