HeavyM 2 pre-orders open

HeavyM 2 pre-orders open

We are very pleased to announce HeavyM 2, a major update with all the new features and improvements you have been waiting for.

Pre-order HeavyM 2 now!

Pre-order HeavyM 2 now means not only buying a lifetime license but also receiving the software in early access and peace of mind by receiving all the updates for free until December 2021:

Super early bird offer: April 4th – May 4th –> 100€ – Out of stock

Early bird offer: May 5th – July 9th –> 199€ tax excl – Out of Stock

Last chance offer: July 10th – beta launch (July 30th) –> 239€ tax excl – Out of Stock

Pre-launch offer: August 1st – Mid-November –> 259€ tax excl

The new features of HeavyM 2


The curves are FINALLY there!

For a long time, you have been asking us to add curves in the software. It is now done! We have greatly improved the point-to-point drawing tool, to make it simple and powerful. You will be able to draw Bezier curves with ease. Of course, all the visual effects built into HeavyM will be compatible with these new shapes.

A new generation of visual effects

We have greatly improved the existing effects. We’ve added more parameters to offer more variations. We have also added new post-processing effects. Finally, you will be able to animate many effect parameters with automatic dimmers.

Improved MIDI synchronization

We have completely redesigned the setup process to make it much more intuitive. Now it only takes a few clicks to connect your hardware to the software.

A new sequencer

We have simplified its operation and added new transitions, with more parameters available. Yes, it will be possible to fade in and out and set its duration precisely. For better visibility, you can place a visual preview of the effects on each sequence.

Organize your media like never before

To improve media management, we have completely redesigned the interface. It is now possible to create playlists of videos, photos, shaders, Syphon or Spout feeds. In HeavyM 2, there will also be a brand new media player that is much more powerful and supports many more formats and codecs. Mostly, the software will integrate the NDI protocol.

Exclusive advantages for you users

Last April, pre-orders were exclusively on the Wiseed platform. This campaign was open until the end of the month and gave you the opportunity to reserve HeavyM 2 for €100 (excl. VAT).

We are now in phase 4 of the pre-orders at a price of 259€ tax excl.

In addition, pre-orders give you access to exclusive advantages in return.

  1. You will have access to the beta versions of HeavyM 2 from July to November. Of course, you will also have access to the official version that will be released in November.
  2. You will be able to participate in the improvements by giving your feedback directly to the development team. You are welcome to come and meet us at our office.
  3. You will receive an invitation to the launch party in Paris, which is already shaping up to be very festive!

Time-limited special price!

Your contribution will make the team stronger and thus help accelerate the release of new products in the next few years. You will participate in the construction of a future that we look forward to with optimism. We are fully invested to bring you maximum satisfaction.

Thank you for being with us!



What if I already have a HeavyM license, how does that work?

If you have a subscription package, you will be able to get HeavyM 2 as soon as it is released in November, as long as your package is still active at that time. Access to HeavyM 2 will, therefore, stop when your subscription ends.

If you have a “Lifetime – 1 year of updates” subscription, there are two ways to access HeavyM 2: 

  • If you purchased your HeavyM 1 license after September 1, 2019: you will have access to HeavyM 2 for life in November, but the updates will stop 1 year after the date of your purchase. For example, if you purchased your HeavyM 1 license on 11/11/19, updates for HeavyM 2 will stop on 11/11/20.
  • If you purchased your HeavyM 1 license before September 1, 2019: you will need to purchase an additional year of updates, as outlined in our current offers



    How much will HeavyM Live 2 cost when it comes out?

    HeavyM Live 2 will be available with the same offers currently on our website for HeavyM Live: a “Lifetime – 1 year of updates” package and a subscription package. Prices will not change.


    What will be the recommended configuration for HeavyM 2?

    The graphics engine has been completely redesigned to enable new visual effects with maximum performance. The recommended configuration for HeavyM 2 will remain the same as today:

    Windows 7 / 8 / 10

    Mac OSX 10.10 / 10.11 / 10.12 / 10.13 / 10.14

    All VGA, DVI, or HDMI projectors are compatible.

    Intel Core i5 / 8GB RAM / Dedicated 2GB graphics card / 500 MB free hard disk space

    What developments are planned for the future?

    Our goal is to enhance graphic possibilities, so we will continue our work to improve visual effects. Then, we will improve the broadcast possibilities and external controls: edge-blending, DMX,…


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