HeavyMThe simplest video mapping software, with ready made effects.

HeavyM Experience

A made to measure project?
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A multiplatform

systèmes d'exploitation

your volume

Architecture of a place, your own design or an Olga kit.


Place your

Please make sure that your volume is entirely covered by the scope of the video.

All devices are compatible

The device type depends on the surface you want to cover but also on the surrounding light.

At your home? 1 000-2 000 lumens
For a small event? 2 000-3 000 lumens
For a big event? 5 000 lumens minimum!

Attention should also be given to the resolution, 720p is a good working basis.

Mark out
your projection areas

Using the mouse and a user-friendly interface, draw your shapes in HeavyM.
They appear in real time in the reality.

the effects!

Create a video mapping in a few minutes thanks to the ready-to-use visual animations.
They fit with your shapes automatically.

your own contents

You can use your pictures or video clips, HeavyM adapts them to your structure.

Reacts to sounds and music!

HeavyM's effects are sound reactive. Whatever the musical style is,
your mapping fits with the atmosphere.

Which version choose?

HeavyM Free HeavyM Start HeavyM Live
Visual effects 10 50 50
Number of sequences 3 50 50
Video players 1 3 unlimited
Video ouput 1 1 unlimited
Watermark free
Sound reactivity
Keyboard control
Syphon & Spout
Authorized computer(s) 1 1 2
HeavyM Free Download HeavyM Start Buy HeavyM Live Buy

Required configuration

Operating system
Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Mac OSX 10.10 / 10.11

Every VGA, DVI or HDMI projectors are compatible.
Minimum : Intel Core 2 Duo / 2GB de RAM / Intel HD Graphics
Recommanded : Intel Core i3 / 4GB de RAM / nVidia Geforce