HeavyM software

The simplest video mapping software,
with ready-to-use effects.

HeavyM software comparison

HeavyM is available in three different versions. Test HeavyM Trial for free, and benefit from additional features in the Start and Live versions.

Creative Tools

The mapping creation is simplified by ready-to-use drag & drop objects and drawing tools.

Free Start Live
Creating predesigned shapes
Creating Media Players
Drawing and editing point-to-point shapes
Symmetric drawing
Selection and deformation grid
Magnet mode to easily merge two points
Modification of centers of gravity
Mask Mode
Mapping viewfinder help
Adding an image to the background to prepare the mapping
Displaying the video output in the background of the drawing area

Library of visual effects
9 Effects
24 Effects
24 Effects

HeavyM contains a visual effects library built into the software and ready to use.

Free Start Live
Setting effects

Among other things: color, speed, direction, thickness, phase, synchronization to music or tempo according to the effects.

Quick control of effects

Effects' activation and settings can be controlled remotely. See « Controls and Interactions »

Creating effect groups

Possibility to create up to 8 groups of effects per sequence, to be assigned to the shapes of its mapping.

HeavyM border effect Border
HeavyM line effect Line
HeavyM color filling effect Color
HeavyM random effect Random color
HeavyM inside effect Inside
HeavyM hypnotic effect Hypnotic
HeavyM radial glow effect Radial glow
HeavyM move effect Rotation X/Y/Z
HeavyM elastic position effect Elastic position
HeavyM elastic rotation effect Elastic rotation
HeavyM scale effect Elastic scale
HeavyM repeat effect Repeat
HeavyM stairs effect Stairs
HeavyM stripes effect Stripes
HeavyM mosaic effect Mosaic
HeavyM corner effect Corner
HeavyM outside effect Outside
HeavyM global swipe effect Global swipe
HeavyM solo swipe effect Swipe
HeavyM origami effect Origami
HeavyM wireframe effect Wireframe
HeavyM strokes effect Strokes
HeavyM gradient effect Gradient
HeavyM snake effect Snake

3 Sequences
100 Sequences
100 Sequences

Each sequence in a project can contain up to 300 shapes and 8 effects groups.

Free Start Live
Metronome from 20 to 400 BPM
Synchronization in TAP mode
Setting the duration of each sequence in beats or min: sec
Random play mode
Multi-Mode Sequencer

Choice of the dependency of shapes, groups and media between each of the sequences.

Quick playback of sequences

The launching of the sequences can be controlled remotely.
See « Controls and Interactions ».

Transition Effects
6 Effects
6 Effects
6 Effects
Free Start Live
Quick control of effects

The origin of propagation or direction of filling are adjustable, depending on the effects.

Quick control of effects

The activation and effect settings can be controlled remotely. See « Controls and Interactions ».

HeavyM trans-swipe transition Swipe
HeavyM trans-inside transition Inside
HeavyM trans-outside transition Outside
HeavyM trans-corner transition Corner
HeavyM trans-stairs transition Stairs
HeavyM trans-fade transition Fade
HeavyM trans-blinds transition Blinds
HeavyM trans-falls transition Falls

Post shaders
2 Shaders
16 Shaders
16 Shaders

Post shaders are visual effects on the rendering of your projection.

Free Start Live
Post shader settings

Adjusts the intensity of the effect according to a percentage, the tempo or in synchronization with a range of frequencies.

Post Shaders Quick Control

The activation and intensity of post shaders can be controlled remotely. See « Controls and Interactions ».

HeavyM swell post-shader Swell
HeavyM shaker post-shader Shaker
HeavyM cutslider post-shader Cut slider
HeavyM slitscan post-shader Slitscan
HeavyM twist post-shader Twist
HeavyM strobe post-shader Strobe
HeavyM blur post-shader Blur
HeavyM convergence post-shader Convergence
HeavyM glow post-shader Glow
HeavyM contrast post-shader Contrast
HeavyM noise post-shader Noise
HeavyM oldTV post-shader Old TV
HeavyM black and white post-shader Black & White
HeavyM red post-shader Red
HeavyM blue post-shader Blue
HeavyM green post-shader Green

Controls and interactions

HeavyM supports multi-projection and Syphon and Spout technologies. The software is compatible with OSC and all MIDI controllers.

Free Start Live
Keyboard control
Control by MIDI interface
Smartphone and tablet control with TouchOSC app
Control of the display by several projectors

The number of projectors is limited by the features and performance of your computer.

Streaming Spout or Syphon to other software

Audio analysis

The visual effects of HeavyM react to the sound so that your mapping adapts to the atmosphere.

Free Start Live
Source selection
Selecting Bass / Mid / High frequency ranges
Changing input gain

1 Media
3 Media

HeavyM allows integration of external content into your projects and is compatible with Syphon and Spout.

Free Start Live
Viewing photos, GIFs and videos

List of compatible formats and codecs. The maximum resolution accepted is that supported by your graphics card.

Defining video entry and exit points
Streaming a webcam stream
Viewing and editing live text
Importing Spout or Syphon streams from other software
Integration of fragments shaders

Import your own shader fragments and modify their parameters in real time.

Choosing media player view

Projection of the media over the entire video output or only in a group of shapes.

Media Opacity Management
Warping 4-point media players
Quick control of media players

The launch and pause of media drives can be controlled remotely. See « Controls and Interactions ».

Importing and exporting

HeavyM provides you with multiple file management options to help you in your workflow.

Free Start Live
Importing effects

Easily import effects from another HeavyM file into your current project.

Importing media files

Add media players to your mapping project. See « Media »

Exporting a project as an image file

Export HeavyM projects as jpg or png files.

Exporting a project as a video file

Export HeavyM projects as mp4, flv or mov files.

Required configuration

Operating system

Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Mac OSX 10.10 / 10.11 / 10.12

OSX Windows

All VGA, DVI or HDMI video projectors are compatible.
Minimum: Intel Core i3 / 4GB RAM / 1GB Dedicated graphics card
Recommended: Intel Core i5 / 8GB RAM / 2GB Dedicated graphics card

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