HeavyM Live

Create mind-blowing visuals, combine your animations with the emotions of music. All the features of the software into your hands.

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Add your own contents

Videos, images, webcam feeds or even shaders, everything is possible! HeavyM can project your content perfectly to allow you to create visuals that are always one step ahead. With the Live version, there is no limitation on the number of media players you can use. You are totally free!

Connect your MIDI instruments

Feel unrestricted during your live performances. Control the visual effects of HeavyM Live with buttons, knobs, or pads. All models are compatible.

Use multiple projectors

Create even more impressive installations using multi-projection. You can cover your volumes from all angles!

Visual effects are included in HeavyM

More than 50 built-in visual effects. Modify and combine their numerous parameters for unlimited possibilities!

Audio reactive effects

The integrated sound analysis allows you to enhance your sessions with a perfect coherence of visuals and sound. Automate sound synchronization to focus on your musical performance.

Compatible with other softwares

HeavyM Live is compatible with Syphon and Spout to exchange video streams between applications: Resolume, Modul8, After Effects, Processing, and many others!

Texture distortion

Be free to project your content on all surfaces, even the most complex.

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