HeavyM Live

Unleash the full power of the software and create mind - blowing visual experiences thanks to the awesome advanced features.

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HeavyM Live has all the features included in the Start version …

Easy-to-use drawing tools

Adapt the projection of your animations to the chosen volume within minutes.

Library of visual effects

Turn your brightest ideas into exceptional visual experiences with our ready-to-use palette

Automatic music synchronization

Enhance your sessions with a perfect coherence of visuals and sound.

Import your own media contents

Insert your videos, images or stream your webcam directly into the software.

Build your show with the timeline

Organize your project in several sequences, link them with wonderful transitions.

Use the power of the Shaders

In addition to the integrated visual effects, you have 100 shaders at your disposal.

… and enjoy exclusive and powerful features, to enhance your work:

Plug multiple projectors

Create even more impressive installations using multi-projection. You can cover your volumes from all angles!

Connect your MIDI controller

Feel unrestricted during your live performances. Control the visual effects of HeavyM Live with buttons, knobs, or pads. All models are compatible.

Connect HeavyM with the others softwares

HeavyM Live is compatible with Syphon and Spout to share video frames between applications

Warping Module

Be free to project your content on all surface even the most complex. No more limitation to perfectly adapt your medias on objects. The powerful warping grid help you to easily achieve all your brilliant ideas.

Ableton Link compatible

Instantly synchronize the HeavyM tempo with the tempo of other applications and thus obtain a mapping with perfect visual/sound coherence. Ableton Link can bind HeavyM and Ableton, but not only! It’s a protocol that is integrated into many programs such as Traktor, Serato DJ, Max, Resolume, VDMX , …

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