HeavyM software

The simplest video mapping software,
with ready-to-use effects.

Choose your volume

You can use HeavyM anywhere: The architecture of a place, your own decor or a Olga kit

Place your projector

Your volume should be fully covered by the video field.
How to choose your video projector
The model of the device depends on the surface to be covered, and the lighting environment.

Delimit your projection areas

Using the mouse and an ergonomic interface, draw your shapes in HeavyM.
They appear directly on the projection volume you have chosen.

Animate effects

Create a video mapping in minutes using the animations already designed. They adapt automatically to the design of your faces.

Discover more than 50 available effects
Import your own content

You can use your photos or video clips, HeavyM adapts them to your structure. You can also integrate content from other applications, HeavyM is compatible with Syphon and Spout technologies.

Ready to map?

Download the free version of HeavyM now or compare the additional features.