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HeavyM Start

A first step into the world of mapping. Decorate your event by mixing personal videos, photos and visual effects with the music.

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Drawing tools with excellent simplicity

Adapt the projection of your animations to the chosen volume within minutes. Use predesigned shapes or draw shapes of your choice with great freedom. Completely transform the atmosphere according to your imagination.


Library of visual effects

Turn your brightest ideas into exceptional visual experiences with our ready-to-use palette. A library of more than 50 visual effects is integrated into the software. You just have to play!

Automatic music synchronization

The integrated sound analysis allows you to enhance your sessions with a perfect coherence of visuals and sound. Automate sound synchronization to focus on your musical performance or your friends at a party.

Add your own contents

Insert your videos, images or stream your webcam directly into the software. HeavyM is capable of projecting your content perfectly to create sensational visual experiences.

You can insert as many media contents as you want. There is no limitation.

Build your show with the timeline

The HeavyM timeline is a must. Organize your project in several sequences, link them with wonderful transitions, launch them when you want or plan a complete timed-performance.


Use the power of the Shaders

In addition to the integrated visual effects, you have 100 shaders at your disposal. Clearly, the rendering is like a video but you can completely customize the colors, speed, intensity, position, ... It's magic!

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