Mapping scenic design – Kinki project

Mapping scenic design – Kinki project

Mapping scenic design by Aelion project

“Hello Kinki” is the new house event organized in Bologna (Italy) by the Hello Events Staff. It takes place at one of the city’s historic premises, the Kinki Club.

The Kinki club asked the Aelion Project company to work on a brand new scenic design. The club really wanted to modernize their stage design to impress their audience. So, Aelion Project decided to create a custom projection mapping installation faithful to the creative and artistic vocation of Kinki. First of all, for the design of the decor, they have chosen to operate with a structure composed of different geometric pyramidal modules.  A wide-angle projector illuminates this new mapping scenic design.

3D video contents, lighting effects, and motion graphics are projected of the decor. Aelion Project used both HeavyM effects and specific video creations with Cinema4D software. The HeavyM library of effects was a wonderful help for them because they saved a lot of creation time. By mixing ready-to-use contents and custom video, the result is quick, very professional and mind-blowing.

In addition, the HeavyM effects are sound reactive. Therefore, it was so easy to get a perfect coherence between the visuals and live music. 

Aelion Project used the powerful HeavyM Live version to set up this astonishing mapping installation