Mapping stage design – Skryptöm party

Mapping installation in a bar

Mapping installation for the French comics festival

The YMCA French crew has built an elegant stage design to embellish a DJ set during the Angouleme Comics Festival. The scene takes places in the bar called “Le Comptoir des Images”. With the only one projector, they’re projecting on both paintings and triangular volumes. 

They have assembled together 2 Olga kits to create the circular shape. Moreover, the shape is hanged on the wall. The result is very spectacular. Therefore, the place is transformed and the spectators transported in a visual universe inspired by the world of comics.

Want to create an amazing mapping installation too?

A mapping scenic design behind the DJ


A modular design kit

Olga is a set of 30 equilateral triangles that you can connect to create 3D projection mapping surfaces. The kit contains 3×5 triangles, 3×2 triangles, 5×1 triangle, and 60 fixing rods. The kit is easy to assemble and reassemble to create different shapes for stage decoration.

Scenic design for 3D projection mapping

You can assemble the kit in 30 minutes and disassemble it in a few minutes, as many times as you like. The material guarantees lasting usage and perfect rendering of video projection. These wall art panels are washable and made in France with a fireproof material to meet safety standards of stage design and mapping installation.

Olga kit features

30 equilateral triangles and 60 fixing rods, 2 kg
Hooks on every triangle
Polypropylene M1 fireproof

details of the mapping scenic design