Technical specifications

Everything you always wanted to know about Olga and more.

A complete kit, ready to be assembled

Triangles, connectors, carrying bag. Let your imagination speak with the many possible configurations

30 Equilateral triangles

  • Equilateral triangles of 32cm side
  • Flame retardant M1 polypropylene
  • Anchor points on each triangle

60 Connecting rods

Use the joining rods to create assemblies using the different modules. Mount and disassemble your structure in several different configurations.

1 Sport bag

With a total weight of 2kg, the Olga kit is ultra-portable. Its fabric bag will allow you to take your Olga anywhere with you, with class!

Olga is adapted to the requirements of professional scenography

The entire kit can cover an average area of 1m20 to 1m20.

The Matter

Made of M1 fireproof polypropylene, Olga meets the standards of the theaters. Its white material has been specially designed to ensure the best rendering of your projections.

Easy to hang

The hang points of each triangle allow you to simply fix your structure. Multiple solutions are possible, to fit your configuration.

A collaboration with Büro23

Olga was born from the collaboration between the HeavyM team and Büro23 , a multidisciplinary design studio based in Nantes, France. The Olga kits are entirely made in France and the manufacturing plants have been chosen according to their working conditions and their quality of production.

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