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Olga set kit


Olga is a set of 30 equilateral triangles to connect together to create video mapping structures. The kit contains 3x5 triangles, 5x2 triangles, and 5x1 triangle.


The kit can be mounted and dismantled as many times as you wish. The materials have been studied in order to guarantee resistance over time. Easily assembled in 30 minutes.

  • 30 equilateral triangles and 60 connecting rods, 2 kg
  • Anchor points on each triangle
  • Flame retardant M1 polypropylene


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Olga is designed as modules that the users can assemble, disassemble and reuse to minimize unnecessary loss when changing configuration. The weight of the product is optimized in order to reduce the energy used for transport.


The Olga is manufactured using local materials. Manufactured in France, in local factories selected for their quality and working conditions.


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