HeavyM Live


The most complete version of HeavyM. Control the software with MIDI, use several video projectors, and combine it with other visual animation software.

Key Features
  • MIDI/OSC Control
  • Unlimited Media
  • Multi-projection
  • Syphon/Spout compatibility
  • Importing shaders

Directly downloadable after your order, you can install and use HeavyM Start on a single computer only.



59 € incl. VAT
HeavyM Live license valid for 3 months

License renewal is not automatic

Over 50 visual effects

Infinite possibilities

More than 50 visual effects are available in HeavyM Live. Modify their numerous settings and combine them without any limitation!
Discover the complete list of effects

Sound reactive effects

Make your effects react to the sound and let your music animate them. Your mapping adapts to the atmosphere.

heavym effect: 45 heavym effect: 44 heavym effect: 43 heavym effect: 42 heavym effect: 41 heavym effect: 40 heavym effect: 39 heavym effect: 38 heavym effect: 37 heavym effect: 36 heavym effect: 35 heavym effect: 34 heavym effect: 33 heavym effect: 32 heavym effect: 31 heavym effect: 30 heavym effect: 29 heavym effect: 28 heavym effect: 27 heavym effect: 26 heavym effect: 25 heavym effect: 24 heavym effect: 23 heavym effect: 22 heavym effect: 21 heavym effect: 20 heavym effect: 19 heavym effect: 18 heavym effect: 17 heavym effect: 16 heavym effect: 15 heavym effect: 14 heavym effect: 13 heavym effect: 12 heavym effect: 11 heavym effect: 10 heavym effect: 9 heavym effect: 8 heavym effect: 7 heavym effect: 6 heavym effect: 5 heavym effect: 4 heavym effect: 3 heavym effect: 2

Move things up a gear with HeavyM Live…

Create more impressive projects with the most complete version of HeavyM.

Connect your MIDI and OSC instruments

Control the visual effects of HeavyM Live with buttons, potentiometers or pads.

All models are compatible.

Use multiple projectors

Create even more immersive installations using multi-projection. You can cover your volumes from all angles!

heavym live heavym live heavym live

Integrate external content

Unlimited content

Embed videos, images or even a webcam feed. With the Live version, you are no longer limited to a single media.

Multiply your possibilities of creation

Do you use other software for your creations?

HeavyM Live is compatible with Syphon and Spout to exchange video streams between applications: Resolume, Modul8, After Effects, Processing, and many others!

video mapping software players

HeavyM 1.6.3 News

Discover detailed functionalities
New Features :
  • Grid problem fixed
  • Text in the players
  • Export output as video
  • CUE points for videos
  • Color opacity for each color
  • Color for special filling
  • New Random Color parameters
  • Toggle between user-defined and default center for each effect
  • Save/load for midi parameters
  • Color mask for players
Improvements :
  • Copy the effects from one group to another
  • Reset group effects
  • Shaders inputs
  • Colors saved directly in the color picker
  • Effects optimization
  • Structure effects for ellipses
New design:
  • Sequences
  • Modal windows
  • Color picker
  • Zoom module
FFmpeg integration
  • New format: .avi, .flv, ...
  • New codec: hap, dxv, ...
  • 4K

Required configuration

Operating system

Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Mac OSX 10.10 / 10.11 / 10.12

OSX Windows

All VGA, DVI or HDMI video projectors are compatible.
Minimum: Intel Core i3 / 4GB RAM / NVIDIA GeForce
Recommended: Intel Core i5 / 8GB RAM / NVIDIA GeForce

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