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HeavyM doesn't start since last update

4 Réponses, Dernière réponse 6th July 2018 at 10 h 17 min

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my HeavyM doesn't start. I have updated on thursday after receiving your Nesletter. After updating - without system restart - it was working ok.
But on the next day at a gig I couldn't use HeavyM. I was lucky because I use resolume mainly, but this was really bad.

So, what has happened?

Currently installed version of HeavyM is 1.8.2
System Windows 8.1



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Administrateur Ambassadeur

Hi there,

We are very sorry about that, we had some licensing trouble last week. Could you please try to install the 1.9.3 version ?

Have a good day!

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hey thanks for the quick reply, just had to reinstall, then it did work.. didnt have the mindset to test this at the gig tho

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Where is this new version of Heavy M? You keep making changes that arent exactly user friendly.  if someones subscription ran out they were still able to use the free version with a watermark in the past, now I cant even seem to log in to test a project. This is a big let down if you're at a gig or presentation and suddenly find this out because for whatever reason you all decided to change your technology.. where is the 1.9.3 version.. if you want us to use it at least make it accessible.

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Hello Optima, 

I'm from the customer success team. I checked your account, you're a former customer of the software, so normally you have access to the Trial version. Sorry for this inconvinience. 

 Now you have access to the Trial, I updated your account. Let me know if it's good from your side :) 

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